Fécamp Grand'Escale from 8 to 12 May 2024: the must-attend event for lovers of the sea

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fécamp Grand'Escale 2024, an exceptional maritime event nestling on the picturesque coastline of Fécamp's "Pays des Hautes Falaises". For this second edition, the festival will welcome over a hundred traditional and classic boats from Normandy, Brittany and all over Europe.

From 8 to 12 May 2024

Discover Fécamp Grand'Escale 2024

Welcome to the fascinating world of Fécamp Grand'Esacle 2024, a major maritime event taking place from 8 to 12 May 2024. Nestling on the majestic shores of Fécamp, this Coastal Festival promises an unforgettable experience.

  • A unique maritime festival: Fécamp Grand'Escale is much more than just a festival. It's a celebration of the sea, maritime history and Normandy culture. This event attracts visitors looking for adventure, relaxation and discovery.
  • Enriching activities: You'll be delighted by the variety of activities on offer. Explore traditional boats, watch fishing demonstrations, or delve into maritime history at the Musée des Pêcheries. Food lovers will not be left out, with tastings of fish and local produce.
  • The beauty of Fécamp: Fécamp, a coastal fishing town, offers the perfect backdrop for this event. Its majestic cliffs, pebble beaches and bustling harbour create an enchanting atmosphere. It's the ideal place for a seaside getaway.
  • An unforgettable experience: Fécamp Grand Escale is a unique opportunity to delve into the maritime history of the region, meet passionate sailors and enjoy an authentic experience.

Highlights of the event

Sea enthusiasts and lovers of authenticity will be in for a treat at fécamp Grand'Escale. This major maritime event, to be held from 8 to 12 May 2024, will transform the quays and piers of the Port of Fécamp, the Grand Dyke promenade, and even the clifftops between Fécamp and Etretat into a veritable paradise for sea lovers, with uninterrupted views of the boats sailing in the harbour.

Visitors will have the opportunity to embark on thrilling sea trips, enjoy open-air concerts, marvel at captivating exhibitions and take part in a host of entertaining activities. However, one of the most memorable experiences will be meeting the French and European sailing ships moored in the port of Fécamp.

Fécamp, a thousand-year-old port, exudes authenticity. It is inhabited by sailors who have travelled far and wide, who have built prestigious ships, and who are keen to preserve their built and floating heritage. The town has the soul of the sea, with its traditional songs handed down from generation to generation, its songs about the exploits of sailors, its cuisine rich in marine flavours and its art of living to the rhythm of the tides.

Fécamp is much more than just a Normandy port. It's a port open to the world, a place where maritime history meets modernity, where authenticity meets conviviality. During Fécamp Grand'Escale 2024, plunge into the heart of this living maritime culture and discover the magic of this unique event.

The spirit of our festival

Our authentic thousand-year-old port and its volunteers invite you to the quayside to discover the history that links the people of Fécamp to the sea.

Their passion for fishing, the prestigious ships they built in the past and their oral traditions will be part of the festivities. You will discover the richness of our culture around three main themes:

  • herring, the emblematic fish of Fécamp still smoked in the traditional way
  • cod, the fish that forged the historic reputation
  • shipbuilding, the remarkable ships of Fécamp

In other words, Fécamp Grand'Escale is a celebration of our art of living which awaits you in a festive and convivial spirit.


Fécamp Grand’Escale : the programme

Visit of Fécamp's boats and sea trip

Almost a hundred boats have already registered and are ready to come and celebrate the great Fécampoise festival. Pleasure boats, traditional boats, all sizes will be moored in our fishing port and will leave every day to sail in the harbour.


Workshops, photo exhibition and fish grills

Those who are interested in artistic creations and cooking can come and satisfy their expectations through workshops held by our shopkeepers, but also during the tasting of our local specialities.

The Fishing Museum opens its doors to you to discover photos, models and the secrets of shipbuilding and fishing in a place steeped in history.

Concerts, sea chanteys and evening entertainment

Your visit to the festival will be even more authentic with music, with traditional sea songs and concerts by various artists! Come and discover Fécamp through the authentic and vibrant music of our heritage.

This will make your visit to Fécamp Grand'Escale unforgettable.


The programme for 2024 in details : click here to discover (in french) 

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