Spend a weekend at the sea near Paris

The Grand Pavois de Normandie is only 2 hours from Paris. This 3-star hotel is perfect for a weekend at the sea near Paris. It is characterized by its granite façade. It is decorated with colourful flags. Guests can also enjoy high quality services throughout their stay. The hotel's staff are both qualified and experienced. They are well aware of the guests' requirements and do their best to satisfy them.

A relaxing weekend not far from Paris

For a weekend at the sea near Paris, the Grand Pavois de Normandie offers the ideal setting. It is built opposite the marina in Fécamp. All rooms and suites have a balcony, allowing guests to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. As for the decoration, it invariably evokes the chic of cruise ships. Each element is chosen with great care, such as the type of wood used. Most of the woodwork is made of rosewood. As for the doors, they are characterized by a porthole. The teak furniture blends perfectly with the leather sofas and club chairs.

In their room or suite, guests enjoy maximum comfort. They also have many amenities such as a bathtub or shower. They can have their breakfast there by opting for the continental formula. Otherwise, they can also choose from the à la carte menu. When they go down to the breakfast room, they can choose between several savoury and sweet dishes. The latter can be enjoyed with a fresh fruit juice or a hot drink. The Norman breakfast is served every day from 7 am to 10 am.

A pleasant weekend at the sea near Paris in a 3-star hotel

The Grand Pavois de Normandie has a bar that is open 24 hours a day. It is transformed into a piano bar every Saturday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. With its muffled decoration and elegant furniture, the customer enjoys a good time. They are immersed in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The barman offers a wide selection of classic cocktails, exceptional whiskies as well as vintage wines and champagnes. He also concocts original drinks. Some of them are made with Benedictine liqueur. This is one of Fécamp's specialities.

Le Grand Pavois - Weekend at sea near Paris
Le Grand Pavois - Weekend at sea near Paris
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