Seine-Maritime: treat yourself to our local produce

Herring, seafood, Neuchâtel... All good products made with care by our craftsmen and well worth the detour!

Seine-Maritime is a stunning destination. Harbors and countryside, cliffs and apple orchards... Our landscapes are a blend of land and sea. And with good reason, that's what gives our products their authentic, typically Norman taste. Worked with the heart by our artisans, they reveal their raw flavors from the very first bite. Would you like to discover them? Take your pick from our must-haves.

The treasures of sea fishing

With us, what's caught in the morning is instantly on your plate! So enjoy the freshness of our products during your stay in Normandy.

Herring, the star of the département

This fish is directly linked to the history of our port towns: Dieppe, Fécamp and Tréport. So popular, in fact, that we dedicate a festival to it every year in November to enjoy it in all its forms: grilled, marinated or wood-smoked. And here, the "king fish" is still smoked in the traditional way. A pure delight!


The inevitable Normandy scallop

We couldn't omit this wonderful mollusc from our list! Its harvesting is regulated and periodic in order to protect it and practice responsible fishing. As a result, our scallops have double Label Rouge status, and are renowned for their mouth-watering meatiness.

The famous Veules-Les-Roses oyster

Add to your program a visit to France's most beautiful village and a tasting of its famous oysters. Fleshy and crunchy, their reputation extends beyond France's borders, and you'll understand why when you visit!

Fresh seafood

Our fishermen also devote their time to catching other shellfish, just as good as our specialties.

Enjoy sole and turbot in nearby restaurants with a crème fraîche sauce, mackerel in rillettes de la mer, while lobster is prepared with 100% Normandy soft butter.


The pearls of our countryside

Neufchâtel, France's mostromantic cheese

There's really only one heart-shaped cheese . But did you know that it comes from Seine-Maritime? If you're a fan of soft, creamy cheeses, we invite you to visit the Pays de Bray. That's where it's carefully crafted from the milk of our Normandy cows. The longer it matures, the more pronounced its taste. AOP AOC cheese made from raw milk.

Taste the Bénédictine

The Palais Bénédictine was the birthplace of the liqueur of the same name in the 14th century. Head for the Palais, now a distillery and museum, to discover its history and taste! Just a 5-minute walk from our seaside hotel.

Relax in a seaview hotel in Normandy

With so much to taste, your days are sure to be full of discoveries! Take a break right on site in Fécamp, in one of our sea-view rooms.

Our team is on hand to help you personalize your stay: a glass of cocktail or fresh fruit juice, breakfast included, bathrobes or advice on visiting certain tourist sites. We look forward to hearing from you!

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