Normandy sea view stay: our Top 3 must-see visits near Etretat

Three must-sees during your stay in our seaside hotel

The Alabaster Coast, the ideal spot for your weekend near Etretat Normandy

Get closer to the Albâtre Coast to breathe the sea air. The Pays de Caux and its Cauchoix inhabitants offer you a relaxing stay between land and sea in the Seine-Maritime, next to Paris.

Take the time to stroll in a city of Art and History that we never tire of discovering! Here is our selection of three sites to add to your program for a successful interlude near Etretat .

The Benedictine Palace, a prestigious 19th century distillery

A majestic flamboyant building that stands out in Fécamp for its architecture and its liqueur of the same name. More than a sumptuous establishment, it is an institution rooted in the history of its port city.

The Palais Bénédictine is a building constructed at the end of the 19th century, a few minutes from the port of Fécamp. It is an establishment whose construction was requested under the order of Alexander the Great. A wine merchant, he would have with him the secret recipe of an elixir created and elaborated by the Benedictine monks of Fécamp. He then decided to build a building dedicated to the liqueur, which he later named Benedictine. Without hesitation, he asked to found a building without equal, a masterpiece that would bring to light the recipe of this liquor that seemed lost forever. And so it is that today a magnificent palace with resplendent colors stands only five minutes walk from our hotel with a view of the sea.

Our splendid Benedictine Palace is competing for the title of " Favorite Monument of the French 2023 "! Inside, you will be able to visit its museum but also its distillery which still produces Benedictine according to the rules and the traditional know-how. Not to mention its superb architecture that will leave you speechless.

The luminous and sublime Abbatiale Sainte Trinité

Isn't it said that true beauty is inside? This remarkable religious building does not let you imagine the interior of the places which are fascinating by their height and by their Gothic style. It is an opportunity to enter an abbey composed of several small chapels and to take in the sights.

Reaching 127 meters in height, it was founded by the Dukes of Normandy for Benedictine monks. Upon arrival, you will have the choice between a free visit or a guided tour to discover its history in detail. Workshops are organized inside to enjoy the serene and prosperous setting.

The different buildings that make up the building will all amaze you in turn as you discover them. So to visit it, plan an hour on your schedule minimum.

Les Pêcheries, a museum in a former fish drying plant

Want to know more about the history of Fécamp, its maritime past and the secrets of Fécamp? Go to the Musée des Pêcheries where collections on the life of the Cauchois are on display. The museum was built inside this former cod drying factory, the local specialty! It's the perfect time to go out with your family or with your loved one in a port city rich in history.

Located on the port, a few steps from our Normandy seaside hotel, the museum also has a rooftop viewpoint. You can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the sea with the cliffs and the valley of Fécamp in the background.

Come and relax in a hotel by the sea

Your room with a sea view in a hotel bar and lounge awaits you, only 20 minutes from Etretat. Discover the joys of living in a harbor town animated by the local climate and its inhabitants. A wave of serenity carries you during your stay to make your visit a relaxing getaway.

Choose from our contemporary rooms, inspired by chic cruise ships for a more than relaxing Normandy getaway.

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